"Mrs. Miller strategically and intentionally invested in our daughter. She saw strengths in her that needed to be cultivated and refined and through her encouragement and commitment, helped her become the best student she could be. We are grateful for her kindness, love and support in growing our daughter."

Tacie S.

"I had the privilege of teaching with Tessa for 9 years. Tessa was the Preschool Director and the combination 1st/2nd grade teacher. Using Project Based Learning to teach the curriculum, she produced curious learners that excelled in vocabulary, writing, critical thinking and number sense. She has such love for each individual student and their families. She is an advocate for all, but especially for those with special learning needs. Tessa walked with the child and family through the process of testing, diagnosis and receiving of the services needed to be a successful student. She is an educator, tutor and promoter of giving each child the best start to becoming a lifelong learner."

Karen M.

"As parents, it's never easy to trust the care and instruction of your children to somebody else. Tessa sure made that monumental milestone so easy for our family! Tessa has taught both of our children for a total of 3 years. We watched our children stretch and grow under her guidance. Tessa's clear love for children and education is so vibrant. She is patient and creative and excels at anything to do with helping children reach their full potential. We cherish the time with Tessa as our Teacher!!!"

Matt & Amber W.

"Tessa Miller has been an amazing, positive role model and teacher for our daughter. She is creative, kind, and organized. She continually looks for innovative ways to make learning fun, meaningful, and accessible for every child. She creates an environment where every child is valued and respected. She is dedicated to helping her class excel-and they do!"

Mike & Megan H. 

"Tessa was integral in both of our sons' early education. She is a thorough, thoughtful, and loving teacher and our boys thrived under her instruction. As a parent, I appreciated her organized and focused approach. She is a true leader!"

Rachel A.

"Tessa was the perfect fit for our daughter as she transitioned from a major move mid year into the 1st grade. Our daughter was able to adapt seamlessly and thrive in her class.
Tessa was a fabulous resource as we navigated the challenges of dyslexia and dysgraphia for our son. She provided us with the encouragement we needed to get him the help he needed. Tessa also adapted her classroom, schedule and teaching style as needed for our son." 

Joseff & Marlena D.

The biggest influence on a student's success is the TEACHER. It isn't how much money the school has, or how much technology they have access to use, or how nice the school looks, but it is the TEACHER. That is Mrs. Tessa Miller, she is such a great teacher and the biggest successful influence in each student's educational journey. My child was blessed by having her as their first and second grade teacher.

Jens & Emily O.

School Supply

When a child tells you they "don't like" or are "not good" at something, encourage them to use the word YET.

"I don't like this yet" leaves room for change. "I'm not good at this yet" gives space for improvement.

YET, a very cool word!